Piece of paper

2 weeks ago i was a piece of paper and i wasn’t a perfect one but i was good enough. Now i hit life and it left a few rips and it crumbled me up and through me against the wall a few time. This week i opened up and now im trying to fix all the crumbles and rips… i cant be perfect i make mistakes and i am a broken piece of paper that will take a bit to fix…

By…your truly


Got to drop the drama

Drama comes and goes but if you hate it so much get out of it…its your life you run it the way you want to no one else runs it in less you still live with you parents


No matter what life gives you…you will always learn from it…grow from it…and remember it

hearing your own

It started off great
But who was to know
That love is lost
Cannot be let go
You say it’s my fault
OK then I’ll go
It’s better to know
Now there’s nobody to argue with
Cause I’m not home
Don’t care who your with
Don’t call my phone
Or did you forget
You know your wrong
I’m gone (gone)
And your all alone here on your own


You did it to yourself
Now your all by your self
Acting like you hate me
I left because you made me
You played me to the left
Now there’s nobody left
To hear your complaining I’m gone and all you hear is your own